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ATTN: people with a .edu email address [16 Jul 2010|12:14pm]

Amazon is offering a free 1 year subscription to Amazon Prime (Free 2 day shipping, $3.99 overnight shipping): http://amzn.to/bSH8jP

This is being marketed towards college students but all you need is a valid .edu email address, so teachers and alumni can benefit from this too!

Now is a time that I wish I was still in college. Oh well, what can you do?
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Frustrating advisor [02 Nov 2009|08:31am]

[ mood | anxious ]

I have three people on my thesis committee, and the paper is done--if you're curious, the chair approved of it in it's fifth draft, not that it matters. Chair says it's fine, let's defend it. Other committee member says fine, let's defend it. 

Final committee member--who is the head of my department--says it's not in the correct paper format (APA). He then sends a fairly curt letter displaying this message, as well as the fact that I'm almost done with my degree, shouldn't I know this format by now? I see my mistakes, print out the Purdue APA example paper, and follow it to the friggin' T. I show this one to the chair again, and she says it looks even better than before. Tickled, I hand it in to my final adviser.

He sends one of the nastiest emails I have ever received from a professor, basically stating that I was wasting his time with this paper (!) and I must think I'm the class clown for thinking this is in the correct format. He also said I used improper words, like 'growing' as a verb and 'stellar'. What other 'improper' words there were, he did not state, though he did say I used too many of them. He then said that I may not contact him anymore, he is tired of working with my paper if I can't seem to improve myself, and that I should not be bothering other professors with this paper, since they will all tell me the same thing.

I was so shocked I almost cried. I then ran to my chair to ask her what to do. She looked over my paper again, and said that she will talk to this professor personally, and that he's known for not always having all of his apples in the barrel, so to speak.

I'm very glad my other advisers (especially my chair!) are on my side. But I must defend my thesis this term, as I am going on internship next term. Is it too late to seek another adviser? What can I do since he refuses to speak to me? How can I possibly defend my paper in front of him if he's already acting like this?

Arrrrrrggggh. This term was going so well, so smooth, and now this garbage happens!

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[28 Sep 2009|11:00am]

I appear to be in something of a quandry.

I'm applying for my PhD at the moment - I'm at the stage where I'm talking to potential supervisors and working on my research proposal. One university that has a good reputation in my field is based near my home town (and therefore near my revently-bereaved father, who I'm really close to). I could live with Dad, who is an academic himself and would be wonderfully supportive, I'd have minimal living costs, it's in a beautiful part of the world....but I don't really like the city. And I don't know, after nearly a decade of independence, if I could live back home again. I'm there at the moment, because I wanted to be with my family for a while after Mum died, but the thing that's making it bearable is the fact that it was only ever meant to be temporary.

My other choices include the city where all of my friends are based, a city I lived in up until recently and loved. The university has an excellent reputation in my field....and it's a city that would be hideously expensive to live in, even if you're not a student.

Do I go for the practical option, knowing that I probably won't get funding? At the end of the day, I want this more than I want anything else so I have to be willing to make sacrifices - I just wish it didn't have to be this :(
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[31 May 2009|07:04pm]

Perhaps the most menacing of all tests...how have you (if any of you have) prepared for them besides taking practice tests? I am having difficulty with the logic problems. Not necessarily doing them, just doing them before my lemon-shaped kitchen timer goes off. Suggestions? Commiserations? Ardent caveats against going to law school?

Thanks for your help.

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I DON'T WANNA. [22 Feb 2009|12:39pm]

i don't wanna write my lit review.

i don't wanna run my models in stupid stata that keeps crashing.

i don't wanna do anything.

i do, however, want some chocolate cake and maybe some ice cream.

i have a first-first draft of my thesis due on thursday and my advisor thought it would be a good idea for me to change my topic two weeks ago. needless to say, i'm a little shell shocked and while the literature is in the same area and i'm using the same data set, i'm still a little thrown off. at this point, i'm just kind of overwhelmed by what i have to get done. i've tried setting little goals but i think they might still be too big or too broad. any tips to tackle huge things in short time spans, and for staying on task? (i'm sure staying off lj is probably one...)
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Tutoring question [23 Nov 2008|02:13pm]

I am currently doing an internship for a study abroad office. The description of the internship is that we do mostly administrative duties and don't work directly with students too often. There was no language requirement to get the position, but I happen to be taking an intermediate level of the language. Because of this, I have the ability to work more closely with the educational materials, and then my supervisor suggested I start tutoring students. I was fine with it at first. But now the end of the semester is coming up and the teachers are throwing their failing students at me, and I don't know what to do. Here is what I have problems with:

- finals start on Friday and students are coming to me wanting to make appointments for this next week. I also am (rather spontaneously in order to prevent myself from ending up in a mental ward) moving to a new apartment this week and have ordered furniture and don't know the exact date when it will be delivered, so I need to be "on call" and see if I can run over to the apartment when it's delivered so I don't end up sleeping on a hard floor when I move in.

- I have absolutely no training in tutoring, I don't have that good of a grasp on the language myself, and I have told my supervisor a couple of times that I don't feel comfortable being held responsible for the students doing well in their classes, but she keeps insisting I I have the qualifications needed.

- in theory I really should be paid extra to do this since it's outside of my job description and I am already paid under minimum wage due to earning a "stipend" rather than an official salary, but no one has offered me financial compensation.

- my supervisor supposedly told all the teachers that they needed to go through her first before sending me students but I think they are ignoring this and just telling students to e-mail me directly instead of going through her, thus making it more difficult for me to say "no".

- they are sending FAILING students to me, and it is impossible to "cram" for a final exam in a foreign language four days or a week before you take it, if you are already bad at learning languages. It's too late in the semester for these students to catch up. A few of them do not understand any of the concepts at all, like pronouns, how to form the present tense, and how to say the days of the week. There is absolutely no way that by meeting with me for a total of a two hours or less is going to improve their skills AT ALL. It's just a waste of both of our time.

I feel like now the students are being foisted on me. It is not my job to "rescue" these students. This is nowhere in my job description. The teachers should have taken the responsibility of doing something about the students toward the middle of the semester, or after they did poorly on the first couple of quizzes rather than brushing it off as not their problem and sending them to me, someone who doesn't even have competency in said language nor training in teaching or tutoring students.

I don't know what I'm supposed to say. I don't want to tutor students next semester unless it's a really special case and I get advance notice. But if I try to convey my doubts to my supervisor she just tells me that it'll be fine or something along those lines, and it's NOT okay with me to do this.
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Attackademia [09 Jul 2008|02:36pm]


Hi all - I've just started my dissertation research (I'm at the passing-the-last-prospectus stage) - it's probably the death-from-1000-papercuts style procrastination kicking in, but I've created a livejournal community for making a scrapbook of hilarious, and/or witty, ascerbic, memorable, or otherwise interesting in-publication academic snipe and snark. This is not a gossip site; just quotes from books.

 - please join and contribute!
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Fear... no, terror [29 Jun 2008|01:34pm]

I'm not sure if this community does introductions, but that's where I'll begin! I'm starting my fourth (and, hopefully, last) year of my Ph.D. in English Literature. I'll have finished all my required coursework by the end of the summer, and I'm scheduled to take my comprehensive exams in the fall. If I can get through those, I get to write my dissertation- which I am actually looking forward to. I can't say the same for my comp exams.

Comp exams. Three areas of specialization, three days, three hours each day, three essays each day.

Reasons I am terrified:

I am a slow thinker. I come up with great things to say given enough time, but things come to me in the shower, when I've just woken from a nap, when I least expect it. Writing on the spot is not one of my skills.

The three professors I would have chosen for my committee are gone. Two retired and the other passed away. I have had to choose three new people- only one of whom I've done extensive work with. When I met with one of them to discuss the writers I should study, he rejected my suggestions. His list included people I've never even read, much less studied. Why have I been taking classes for the last three years if the authors I've studied won't be on my exams? I don't know how I'm going to learn all this new material in the next four months (on top of studying for my other two areas, and taking and teaching classes).

I feel at a disadvantage compared to other students at my level. Unlike most of my classmates, I don't have any previous degrees in English, so I don't have the same background of knowledge to build on. My previous degrees and areas of study (music, fine art, and education) are a strength in many ways, but when it comes to being prepared for these exams, they are a weakness.

I really don't know how I'm going to make it through this.
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Summer Academic Working Group 2008 [11 Jun 2008|01:28pm]

We are happy to announce the 2008 Summer Academic Working Group. This peer accountability and feedback system allows users from anywhere in the world to share documents and feedback. Working group participants participate in "clusters" around a common discipline, theme, or type of work. Clusters exchange work on a regular basis - normally every two weeks - by posting it to a secure course and project management site at the University of Michigan. Participants then provide and receive feedback for members of their cluster. Having a deadline helps everyone get more done, and having feedback makes what's done better.

For more information, or for sign-up instructions, go to http://www-personal.umich.edu/~lpowner/workgroup.htm . The registration deadline is JUNE 14.

Last year some 20 people participated. It's a really nice opportunity to get feedback from people you don't already hear from regularly or who might bring very different perspectives to your work.

(Crossposted to a bunch of academic communities; please feel free to post to other discipline-specific or personal groups, blogs, or lists via LJ or email.)
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Wishmaster Misheard Odysseus' Idealist Alchemical Revolution [21 May 2008|11:26pm]

This is about as close to "Library Rock 'n' Roll" as it's ever going to get. The following spoof goes out to all the other grad students who have finally cracked.

Sing it, Odysseus! Sing it, Kant!
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[03 Dec 2007|10:22am]

I have a bunch of call numbers written on the back of my hand.

I feel really cool right now.


P.S. who uses google documents to write things instead of using a pen drive? Today I plan on working from home, then in a lab where I'm watching participants take a survey, and then at the library. I make pen drives cry. I just load google docs and it's there, plus it tracks changes. I'm not please with the formating stuff, but when I'm just getting the guts written it doesn't matter.
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[01 Dec 2007|08:00pm]

Note to self: yelling at books in the library to get indexes will not make them magically appear.

Note to self: make it a law that all published books should have indexes. Yes, this would include fiction. I require my romance novels to have indexes.
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Of course the poor are lazy and the rich work really hard. I am only a sociologist, what do I know? [07 Nov 2007|09:16am]

These are only some of the many insightful and compassionate responses my Introductory Sociology classes had to a question about what can be done to help those in poverty.

"The government already gives enough money for [welfare]. I don’t think we should do anything else [to help the poor]. If we give them too much then they will just take advantge of it and not want to work because why should you work when you get free money?"

This one referred to "well fair."

"You could fill out a "FAFSA" form. This includes information about your income, any investments you have, how many dependents you are supporting and so forth. The government examines your form and gives you money to pay for school. This is money that you do not have to pay back.. Not to mention, "Where there is a will, there is a way." There are hundreds of scholarships available to people."" (My emphasis)

"There’s no excuse for Tammy. She just isn’t working hard enough. She could get welfare or she could get a better job."

(This is in reference to Tammy, one of the people featured in the film, who lives in a crappy trailer in the country, has no car, and walks 10 and 1/2 miles to work at Burger King)

"Nothing should be done to help [poor people]. Everyone has the same opportunities and if you make bad choices then that is your problem."

"The only way to help poor people is they have to want to help themselves. Most poor people don’t want to work and are content with their situation. There is nothing that can be done if they don’t want to change."

"We should not do anything to help people in poverty. It is their fault they are poor. It is unacceptable to have another kid if you already have one and cannot take care of it. It is all about irresponsible choices. [They] made [their] own choices."

"The government already has a lot of programs in place. It is just that most people don’t want help. They like how they live. If they want help, we should help them but most don’t want it."

"Rich people should not have to take care of poor people. Most rich work very hard for their money and it is not fair that they should give it to the poor."Read more...Collapse )
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[01 Oct 2007|06:46pm]

How to get really quick tech support on campus:

Pull the "We're collecting data on this computer" card.

Hmm....that and having your office across the hall from the tech guy..
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Conferences and Publications [01 Oct 2007|11:50am]


If this is not exactly relevant to [info]antiacademia, please feel free to delete this post!

I am currently taking a bit of time off from school, having just graduated in May.  I would like to be back in school, in a PhD program for English in Fall 09.  (I'm considering Media and Culture Studies Programs also.) Gender, Historical Context, and Theory are my favs.  In the mean time I have two papers that I would like to try to publish or present.  Do you have to be presently enrolled to present a paper?  And am I limited to undergrad conferences, or could I try submitting to some other conferences?

One paper was my Sr. Honors Thesis, and it's an analysis of 1980s romantic comedies.

The other is actually a religious studies paper, about images of the Virgin Mary, the trinity, and female divinity. (Religious Studies was my minor and my prof at the time suggested I present this paper, but the timing didn't work out.)

Does anyone have suggestions as to where I could submit either of these for presentation or publication? And how best to go about that? Also, if I want to go to grad school for English/Media Studies, would it be worthwhile to try to present/publish my Religious Studies paper?

Thanks so much!!
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[29 Sep 2007|09:23am]

My psychotic schedule has finally outgrown the student planner, and is forcing me to buy a real one...with times...and a compass in the binding...and a thing that tells time. Sad. I'm just worried that I'll get a new planner and that one day I'll need to know the 2 pages of symptoms of alcohol poisoning and I won't have ready access to it. However, I am saved because off campus services had the forethought to include a magnet that lists the ordinance violation fines, so I know I'm going to be a good student now.
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mod post: memories! [19 Sep 2007|12:00pm]

Hello again, antiacademia.

So, I've just realized that I've let my mod duties to the community slip... err.. a bit drastically. God knows when the last time I updated the memories was! And since we pride ourselves on being a supportive community, a good memories section is, in my opinion, really important. So! I'm working on updating them now, which includes not only adding entries to existing categories but also creating new categories as I go through. But I could use your help on this.

* Have you seen an entry, or posted one, that's been of particular help to you?
-(or particular amusement, as that's also what we're here for?)
* Is there a category missing that you'd like to see added?
* Is there a category that is sparsely populated, one that you'd like us to add to?

Or anything else that comes to mind about this - please comment here and let me know (or email me, if you would prefer the anonymity - aspasia02@livejournal.com).

Thanks! Back to your regularly scheduled academic hilarity.

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[17 Sep 2007|02:31pm]

i'm an honours student from perth, australia studying interpersonal comms and U&G of Myspace.
i have a survey as part of my research up online at http://myspacestudy.survey.sgizmo.com
and i need responses. if you use Myspace and you can do it, great. if you can't (be bothered), thanks for reading this. if you don't use Myspace, disregard. if you are jaded, disenfranchise further.
i would very much appreciate it if you could participate in some form through feedback and thoughts, but not suggestions.. it is too far gone in the research process for change.

thank you! and godspeed.
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[09 Sep 2007|05:54pm]

I think there is a connection with how complicated a grad program is to apply to and the competitiveness level. Like the first test: can you follow directions. I think more predictive than GRE scores, though.
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HELP! [05 Sep 2007|01:38pm]

[ mood | bitchy ]

Does anyone here have a university that either holds or can get to Studies in Fantasy Literature?  I'm working on my master's thesis, and my ILL cannot find anyone with the right issue of this.  I'm specifically looking for:

Coffman, D. Franklin "Frank", Jr.: "Moral Law, Secondary Worlds, and Crossed Planes: Some Thoughts upon the Nature of Fantasy." Studies in Fantasy Literature: A Scholarly Journal for the Study of the Fantasy Genre, (3), 2005, 13-18. 

If anyone has that and can either email me a .pdf or print it and send it to me, I will pay for the paper and postage and love you forever.

Cross-posted to



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