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Library Rock n' Roll

sometimes you just want to scream

Anti Academia
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- because sometimes, school just sucks -

hate your program?
sick of your professors?
think you've just signed your life away for five six seven years of hell?
welcome to antiacademia!

- moderator emidala is ABD south of NYC and often finds both time and reason to scream and howl over the neccessary evils of academic life.
- moderator aspasia02 is in the mid-west. Her academic howlings far surpass what is expected of an ordinary graduate student.

unlike other LJ-communities focusing on academia and its long shadows, we are not evil. we just complain a lot, and offer hugs and support when needed.

we ask stupid questions a lot. that's ok. sometimes, asking stupid questions among friendly people is the only way to survive our doom graduate school!

no spam, please. it is a dish antiacademia does not like to eat.

seeing that academia is full of ghouls, spies, thieving snowmen and data-eating vampires, many of our posts are friends-only.
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