Daffodil-American (visionary_gleam) wrote in antiacademia,


i don't wanna write my lit review.

i don't wanna run my models in stupid stata that keeps crashing.

i don't wanna do anything.

i do, however, want some chocolate cake and maybe some ice cream.

i have a first-first draft of my thesis due on thursday and my advisor thought it would be a good idea for me to change my topic two weeks ago. needless to say, i'm a little shell shocked and while the literature is in the same area and i'm using the same data set, i'm still a little thrown off. at this point, i'm just kind of overwhelmed by what i have to get done. i've tried setting little goals but i think they might still be too big or too broad. any tips to tackle huge things in short time spans, and for staying on task? (i'm sure staying off lj is probably one...)
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