kyley ann (smyleykyley) wrote in antiacademia,
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Conferences and Publications

If this is not exactly relevant to [info]antiacademia, please feel free to delete this post!

I am currently taking a bit of time off from school, having just graduated in May.  I would like to be back in school, in a PhD program for English in Fall 09.  (I'm considering Media and Culture Studies Programs also.) Gender, Historical Context, and Theory are my favs.  In the mean time I have two papers that I would like to try to publish or present.  Do you have to be presently enrolled to present a paper?  And am I limited to undergrad conferences, or could I try submitting to some other conferences?

One paper was my Sr. Honors Thesis, and it's an analysis of 1980s romantic comedies.

The other is actually a religious studies paper, about images of the Virgin Mary, the trinity, and female divinity. (Religious Studies was my minor and my prof at the time suggested I present this paper, but the timing didn't work out.)

Does anyone have suggestions as to where I could submit either of these for presentation or publication? And how best to go about that? Also, if I want to go to grad school for English/Media Studies, would it be worthwhile to try to present/publish my Religious Studies paper?

Thanks so much!!
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