aspasia02 (aspasia02) wrote in antiacademia,

mod post: memories!

Hello again, antiacademia.

So, I've just realized that I've let my mod duties to the community slip... err.. a bit drastically. God knows when the last time I updated the memories was! And since we pride ourselves on being a supportive community, a good memories section is, in my opinion, really important. So! I'm working on updating them now, which includes not only adding entries to existing categories but also creating new categories as I go through. But I could use your help on this.

* Have you seen an entry, or posted one, that's been of particular help to you?
-(or particular amusement, as that's also what we're here for?)
* Is there a category missing that you'd like to see added?
* Is there a category that is sparsely populated, one that you'd like us to add to?

Or anything else that comes to mind about this - please comment here and let me know (or email me, if you would prefer the anonymity -

Thanks! Back to your regularly scheduled academic hilarity.

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